heide hinrichs


Librarian left

installation, dimensions variable, 2010
fabric, leather, wool, thread, cardboard boxes, paper-mache, wood, various inner balls, tennis ball, pencil + video projection + 4 drawings in letter size 2010

Solo exhibition at Galerie Tatjana Pieters, Ghent, Belgium from 12 September — 17 October 2010

overview overview

overview overview right

the forgotten heart the forgotten heart

the forgotten heart the forgotten heart

overview 5 shelf #2 shelf #2 detail

overview 6 librarian's eye + folded skin

video still: librarian's eye video still: librarian's eye

folded skin + forgotten heart folded skin + n.t. falling fabric n.t. falling fabric

o.t. (bricks) + green window n.t. (bricks)

n.t. (bricks) n.t. (bricks) detail

overview 5 skin   wall

hanging pieces hanging pieces

scaffolding #2 scaffolding #3

scaffolding #2 detail

folded skin