Tatjana Pieters kindly invites you to ‘Librarian Left’, the second solo show in the gallery of German artist Heide Hinrichs. Having resided in Seattle for the last four years, this show features Hinrichs’ first series of works after her return to Europe. Combining objects with textile pieces and a video work, Hinrichs has created an installation that follows up on her recent solo exhibition at the Seattle Art Museum.

Hinrichs’ melancholic and restrained vocabulary is instigated by her carefully chosen use of common materials and objects, whereby the process of production is happening in direct relation to the body. Papier-maché, clay, wood, cardboard, textile, balls and inner tubes are formed, stretched, cut and reassembled as objects that transcend their materiality and correspond to an internalized research into a larger system of relationships and perspectives.

Familiar objects and materials take on a new identity, reinvigorating a lost history into a new narrative. Her precise use of texture, volume and colour contributes to a construction of tactile topographies that are resistant to any explanatory description, but instead deal with a mental state of internal confrontation. Loss and hope, void and plenty, subjective and collective memory, structure and skin are only a few juxtapositions evoked within Hinrichs’ unfolding environments.

Drawing an analogy between the linguistic system and her artistic language, with ‘Librarian left’ Hinrichs has moved from a horizontal structure between the objects like words in a sentence to a vertical interdependence within the objects themselves. ‘Scaffolding #2’ is a hanging construction that plays with the forces of gravity. Suspended from the ceiling, wooden beams that are interconnected with minimal pieces of fabric, can only exist in balance with each other. A system can suddenly destabilize as is the case with ‘Shelf #2’: its structure has collapsed, its functionality lost, however offering space for new meaning. The collapsed structure is confronted with the observing view depicted in the video ‘The Librarian’s eye’. An indirect and rhythmic gaze reflects equally to the outside and the inside, as if it would scan the possibilities for something else to come alive.

Heide Hinrichs has created an abandoned stage where the servant to the system has left and the skin is taken off, formulating a request for the relocation of identity and selfreliance.

Heide Hinrichs (1976) studied at the University of Kassel and at the Academy of Fine Arts Dresden. In 2006 she graduated from the Higher Insitute of Fine Arts, Antwerp. She had solo exhibitions in Kunstverein Ahlen in 2006 and the Seattle Art Museum in 2010.
Group shows include: Manifesta 7, Trentino (Italy), Second People, Helm Gallery, Tacoma (USA), Zwei Erzählungen von Etwas, SAMSA, Berlin (DE) Sophisticated Boom Boom (in b&w), Domobaal, London (UK) . In December 2010 she will be showcasing work at Netwerk Aalst. Her work is in the collection of the Seattle Art Museum as well as in private collections in Europe and the USA.