hemel press is a collaborative project between Hannah Hemel and Heide Hinrichs. hemel press is dedicated to projects, that connect the field of Fine Arts to other fields. Due to Hannah's background the first field they entered has been literature. In spring 2008 hemel press published Hunter Mnemonics. A chapbook by Deborah Woodard with drawings by Heide Hinrichs.

Before that Hannah and Heide encountered Elizabeth Haines in Belgium. Together they created the leaflet New Suns for an exhibition that carried the very same title at Galerie Tatjana Pieters in Ghent.

In fall 2009 hemel press released it's second publication in collaboration with Tatjana Pieters: the edition Rikki's .

At the beginning of 2012 Hannah and Heide have been working together with Melanie Noel on the connections between marsupials and loud speakers .

After the exhibition Echoes hemel press published in fall 2012 a booklet with drawings which Heide Hinrichs made in response to the text Dictee by Theresa Hak Kyung Cha.

At the end of 2012 Hannah and Heide are very happy to announce that they have been asked to contribute two book covers for the poetry press Stockport Flats. The first cover is for a new full length collection of poems by Deborah Woodard with the title Borrowed Tales.

The second one is for the longly awaited book The Monarchs by Melanie Noel.

For more information and inquiries please get in contact with Hannah at
hemel (at) 4h-club.org.