heide hinrichs


red offering, 2017, mulberry tree paper, ink, watercolour; under the roof of your mouth, 2014, clay; voidong tongues, 2017, plaster, ink; Übergang, 2014/15, 42 a3 papers, pencil; tongues 1,2, 2016, letter-sized paper, ink; trigramme, 2015, pencil; markings, 2016 letter-sized paper, ink

project space of the White House Gallery, Lovenjoel, Belgium
invited by Philippe Van Cauteren, 10 september - 12 november 2017
along the exhibition the edition Übergang has been published by hemel press

voiding red offering, marks, voiding tongues

red voiding tongues, Übergang, tongues 1,2

Übergang red offering (detail)

red offering, under the roof of your mouth trigrams

under the roof of your mouth voiding tongues (detail)

tongues 1 tongues 2

voiding tongues, marks voiding tongues