Shift is an octagon that has gone slack. It’s own materiality won’t allow it to maintain its shape. It has its origin in the desire to move something out of it's center forcing the viewer to consider the blurred space, the space where it moved from its original form to its present condition.

In Lotus, the never-ending surface of a ball is taken apart, converted into a new endlessness that is romantic.

There is a story by Borges “Blue Tigers” in which a man is hunting for a rare blue tiger in India. He finds a mark on the ground that further feeds his imagination. Then there is another hint, or he believes that he just caught a glimpse of it in the jungle's thicket. In the end he leaves the place without success, but his mind got upset by a juxtapositional find. Trolling Vanguard is not a tiger; it is a puma that is about to disappear again.

Reversed U and Islands are intimate microcosmic landscapes that explore the significance of interconnectedness and interdependence.