heide hinrichs


installation dimensions variable, mixed media 2013
Galerie Tatjana Pieters, Ghent, 03 november - 08 december 2013

it is radiant and it yells. we are attracted by its elusive glow but might react repulsively to other of its shades. birds notice it in its various appearances and nuances. the blossom's plenty attracts them. a siren's body combines a bird's corpus with a woman's head, deadly attractive with a bewitching voice. therefore sailors seal their ears with wax not to hear these sounds. they distance the warning.

colored punctuation. marks, that indicate a break. one hears them only as a void, opposite the sirens' singing they manifest themselves in auditive absence. they void momentarily all ears.

the second of the two handed-down riddles of the sphinx asks to name the identity of two sisters who are silent: one of them gives birth to the other and she, in turn, gives birth to the first. the transition of the intertwined carries the glow, makes birds sing and me talking foolishly.

you wear a ring on your finger and are entangled in a never-ending chain of night and day, of inhaling and exhaling, of my shiver and your suspense....

heide hinrichs
october 2013

interbal punctuation silent signs

la sorpresa

shiver devised hourglass

the blind the blind

the blind silent signs

countermarks folded fingers